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About Me

Veteran. Proud Kansan. Lifelong Nerd.

Kristin McTiernan was born the daughter of a career military man and spent her childhood bouncing from one country to another. Her love of writing surfaced early, and upon discovering the double threat of comic books and Star Trek in middle school, Kristin spent the majority of her spare time creating new worlds in her many notebooks. 
Following in her parents’ footsteps, Kristin enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 and, upon her discharge three years later, settled into a life pursuing her love of words. She achieved her bachelor’s degree in English from Emporia State University in her home state of Kansas and her master's in curriculum design.

She has been a Federal civil servant for more than ten years, punctuated by a brief, misguided stint in the private sector ;)

Expert Editor

Kristin channels her love of writing into editing novels, memoirs, and dissertations and is going strong with more than 15 years of experience.

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The Mason Timeline: A New Vision of America

A North America that was settled by the Spanish, rather than the English. A Republic in name only led by the Catholic Church and another, secret organization. With time travel available to the masses, it is impossible to tell how this reality came to be.  But for the good of the world, the timeline must be repaired. "It's got appeal for nearly everyone; readers of romance, scifi, fantasy, thrillers, and even alternate history won't be disappointed." - Rod G.  

Gilmore Girls Reboot: Life Lessons

 Warning: As with all my reviews, there are spoilers ahead. A few months ago, there was a trending hashtag on Instagram and Facebook #3charactersthatdescribeme. I chose Kira Nirys (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Barb (Stranger Things), and last but not least, Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. I based this comparison of myself and Rory on two factors: Who Rory was in the original series (2000-2007) and who I was when I watched her. Years later, things... as they must... have changed. The strengths of the mini-series are the same as they were in the original series: the charm of Stars Hollow, the relationship between and among Lorelai and Rory and Emily, and the cast of supporting characters. The death of Richard looms large (literally, thanks to a too-big painting in the parlor) and the absence of Edward Herrman is almost its own character. At least in my life span, Herrman always played wise paternal characters, even when it was all a charade to hide his bloodsucking ways. So his death wa

Fan Fiction is Fantastic

In my day, fan fiction was relegated to the nerd world. Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and comic books clogged up the internet with short stories or full-length novels about their favorite characters.  Of course if you've ever taken a gander over at Wattpad, you know it's not just for nerds anymore. Nor is it just for teens. The selection of adult fanfiction is vast and caters to every fandom. Fan fiction gets a bad wrap and some of the criticism is deserved. But even reading the worst of it is great for any writer. More so than any English class I ever took, the hours upon hours I spent reading fan fiction taught me important writing skills, specifically, creating realistic characters and staying true to the characters you create.  I bring this up because I recently unpacked all of my books and placed them lovingly onto a book shelf in my study. As I unpacked them and categorized them, I came to the realization that the two most beloved books in my col