Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Casting for the Sunder Movie

I don't know about other writers, but I generally have an actor or public figure in mind when I'm writing a character. I can't help but seek out a familiar face when I imagine my characters. I do the same thing when I read books. I definitely know I am not alone in that respect, as my voice was one of many shrieking "why?" to the heavens when Tom Cruise was cast as Jack Reacher. Wrong! Actor Kevin Durand is Jack Reacher! I will accept no substitutions. So I thought I would give a little insight into who I had in mind when I first wrote Sunder. Just keep in mind, I started writing in 2006, so the majority of these fine people look a tad different and one of them is no longer with us.

Alana de la Garza as Isabella

Paul Walker as Etienne

Alfred Molina as Alfredo

Tom Hardy as Caedda

Taylor Momsen as Saoirse

Jeremy Sumpter as Thorstein

Did I forget your favorite character? Who did you imagine as you read through?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Newly released book offers positive portrait of Catholic characters

Date: 07/20/2015
Contact: Christine Williams, 702-245-7440, Kristin.mctiernan@yahoo.com

Newly released book offers positive portrait of Catholic characters.
Kristin McTiernan's Sunder offers powerful combination of a strong female protagonist and Christian morals.

Las Vegas, NV  – Kristin McTiernan's novel, Sunder, introduces a bold new voice in the world of sci-fi literature. Available exclusively at Amazon, Sunder tells the story of Isabella, an over-privileged and spoiled woman. It takes a murder attempt and a forced trip into the distant past for Isabella to discover herself and the spiritual forces acting on her life.

“I've never liked the trend that smart strong women in popular culture must always be non-believers. I thought it was time for a book with outstanding writing that is kind to religious believers.” McTiernan's writing uses a magical realism style that takes a hard look at the real world, while also accepting the spiritual undercurrent that flows through it.

In Sunder, Isabella has spent her 27 years with wealth and status, thanks to her father’s ownership of the country’s sole time travel corporation. Living such a charmed life, it is easy for her to be thoughtless—so blissfully unaware of the secrets in her own home, the secrets that may get her killed. In a bitter act of revenge, Isabella’s planned time travel to 1921 Brussels is sabotaged, propelling her into the distant past. Captured, brutalized, and facing worse than death, Isabella makes some surprising allies and discovers the truth behind her father’s rise to power and the terrible price the entire world paid for it. She must somehow break free and find a way home, not only to save herself, but to restore history to its rightful direction.

McTiernan's recent interview with SFFWorld.com affirms her presence in the genre and the impact of her powerful characters, riveting plot, and Sunder's place as the first book of America's next great trilogy.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Interview with SFFWorld.com

Kristin McTiernan Interview

“A privileged socialite, Isabella has spent her 27 years with wealth and status when her planned time travel is sabotaged, propelling her into the distant past.” We have talked to Kristin McTiernan about her new novel, Sunder.

First of all can you tell us a bit about your new novel, Sunder?

Yes. Sunder is a time-travel novel that is both a story of redemption and a consideration of the consequences of meddling with time. I think most readers wonder how they would fare if they were dropped into the past, and Sunder allows an exploration of that. It is available in hard copy and e-book exclusively on Amazon.

Can you give us some insight into your main character, Isabella?

Oh yes. Isabella is the very picture of a spoiled rich girl. In addition to being given everything, she is also immensely powerful due to her father’s ownership of the world’s only time-travel agency. When we first meet her, we look at the impact her upbringing has on everyone around her, specifically her husband. She has always had a very one-sided relationship with everyone in her life, which sets her up for a rude shock when she lands in the past. She has no money, no power, and the weapon of her beauty is nullified because they have different standards.

Read the rest here.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Talk

Friday was a momentous day for two reasons. The first is that I had the privilege of being interviewed for the well-respected SFFworld.com, of which I have been a long-time fan. The questions were thought-provoking and I really enjoyed answering them. It wasn't just because I love to talk about Sunder, but it was because they invited me to examine myself. The reason Sunder took so long to complete was not lack of time, but lack of belief in myself, something many writers struggle with. There's something soothing about just admitting it to the broader public. We in America love to brag about how busy we are; I suppose for some people it's actually true. But for me and others, it is often a cover for not being brave enough to power through the hard times. Owning it will, hopefully at least, make me less susceptible to it as I move on to book 2.

The second reason Friday was awesome was that I finally got my braces off!It's terrible being in your 30s with braces, but was so worth it in the end.

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